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Disaster Appeal Auction

Updated 09 June 2015 21:25

Auction of 1982 R80RT - opened around 9.00pm December 30th

See a satellite view of the waves in action

100% will go to the Disaster Emergency Committee

The winning Bid is 400 by Pat Mansfield

The DEC closed this appeal on 28th February with a total of 300 million donated

The Auction is now closed and many thanks to those who participated - what we have raised here is just a drop in the ocean considering the scale of the disaster but without efforts like these nothing is ever achieved - a thousand drops make a bucket full and if anyone wants to count them to prove me wrong that's fine by me

Thanks to all who supported this auction and especially to the Midland Section of the BMW Club who, in deciding to support this cause, must have made the quickest committee decision in history.

This Auction is now closed for both bidding and donations. If you wish to donate to the appeal, please do it direct HERE.

Total Donations are:

Consisting of:


Private Donations


BMW Club Midland Section


All pledges have now been received and forwarded to the DEC

Many thanks to all of you who have participated in any way towards this auction and especially to the Midland Section of the BMW Club who, in deciding to support this cause, must have made the quickest committee decision in history.






Total Amount Raised

Motorcycle Auction






Extract from a letter received:


I really do appreciate your efforts with the auction - my wife is from Sri Lanka. None of the extended family were caught - but businesses have suffered and we know, personally, of people affected, people killed. Places we have been going to for over 20 years - gone. Last summer, we travelled the south coast, right from Colombo to Galle, to Yala (south east). We stayed at the Lighthouse hotel in Galle - it survived, because it's over 50ft above sea level. The rest of Galle didn't do so well. The cricket ground - laid waste, but the old town appears to have suffered just flooding, because it is in a "fort" - it's called Dutch fort - built by the Dutch.

Summer 2003, we were island hopping up the north west - all devastated now, and across to Trincolmalee - devastated too.

Auction closes at midnight  Closed

May I ask you to dig deep in your pockets to help donate to the Disaster Emergency Appeal in order to help those in the Southern Hemisphere who are suffering extreme hardship after the recent Tsunami?

I have here a rather tired and scruffy 1982 R80RT with around 130,000 miles on the clock. The machine hasn't run for around 18 months but does have new tyres and a known service history back to 1993 (serviced and maintained by myself) and is fitted with Keihan Stainless silencers. This is a machine that I was planning on rebuilding for myself and is reasonably sound - some fairing damage (nothing you couldn't live with), dead battery and will need some money and lots of TLC. As this machine is not running, the buyer must collect at his own expense.

I have no way to run a proper auction so blind bids please and the highest bid to reach me by midnight Sunday 2nd January takes it - if there are matching bids, the earlier one wins. I will show the current highest bid here as and when I get the chance. The reserve is 100 so please don't bid below that. Please, please only make serious bids - it is for a good cause. Please include your name, address and phone number with bids.

100% of the sale price will be donated to the Disaster Emergency Committee to help send aid to the stricken areas of the world.

Email your bid Here Please use this link rather than the message boards


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