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BMW Riders Association


What is BMW RA?


RA is one of the two clubs that grew out of the national BMW motorcycle club formed over 25 years ago. The other, BMW MOA, has evolved into the club with a large touring story magazine and an even larger rally. RA, in turn, has become the club for those interested in the whys and wherefores of the company itself. RA's magazine, On the Level is highly opinionated, and oft-quoted, even in the commercial press. "OTL" also pays close attention to the European bike press and intrigue within BMW AG around the world. Close attention is paid to new model R&D, as well as to nuggets of past model history. RA also enjoys very close ties to the Vintage BMW Owner Ltd. club.

BMW RA is further distinguished by its "Right Attitude" among club officers. There are no big shots or political intrigues within RA. "VIP" behavior is actively discouraged, and elected officers are required to be accessible to all.

RA is a full member of the International Council of BMW Clubs based in Munich and, as such, is the second largest BMW motorcycle club in the world. Size, however, is not a goal in itself for RA. OTL will, on occasion, air opinions that knowingly cost the club members (e.g., debunking "Loud Pipes Save Lives"). RA's prime directive is to trumpet BMW riders values and to have fun doing it.

RA's relations with MOA have evolved from cold to cordial, while RA's relations with BMW of North America have evolved from distant to close. BMW Sparte Motorrad's spokesman Hans Sautter visited OTL headquarters this year. OTL has furnished copy not only to BMW Magazine and the BMW Club Journal, but also to Motorcyclist, Rider, Motorcycle Consumer News, City Bike. Winding Road Motorcycle Times, and the Washington Times.

RA is not under the illusion that its methods are for everyone, but we think we are the ticket for the "serious BMW rider." He or she may not agree with us, but they ignore us at their peril.

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